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wii unlocker backup gamesAnd it has finaly come true find here - All you need to know about creating backups of Nintendo Wii Game DVDs and playing them on the console without a mod-chip. SoftMod your Wii to load iso files. Wii iso loader will boot up DVD-R with a game backup as if it was an original. WiFi multipleyer works just as it should. SoftChip way of modding the Wii is safer as you do not have to open your video game box and solder anything inside of it. So download the Wii Backup Loader by Waninkoko 0.3g or we suggest WiiGator Backup Launcher 0.3g 0.4 & 0.5 as well as SoftChip made by Reqium and Play Wii backups on a wii console without a mod chip. Play DVD and DivX movies with DVDx. Copy and run all region GameCube games from mini DVD-R or normal sized DVD-R media. Trade virtual console games. Download GC isos and Wii isos from the internet with peer-to-peer file sharing applications. Wii ISO <- torrents

Use Wii Unlocker softmod tools to crack your Wii playing game backups »

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Wii Mod-Chips - Nintendo Wii mod chips that could hold alternative Firmware or inject necessary code to authenticate backup discs are being worked on.
Wii Backups - it looks like we will need to wait until a wii modchip comes out before we can run backups on Nintendo Wii console.
Nintendo wii roms - with Action Replay and an sd card or dvd-r you can run roms on wii in CameCube mode.
virtual console.info - hopefully with a mod-chip you will be able to trade virtual console rom games on sd cards.
Wii ISOs - backup wii games also known as wii iso are already released.
Nintendo Wii WAD files - aka Virtual Console Roms and WiiWarez

Download Super Paper Mario Wii Backup



wii backup isos roms  


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